Increase the System File Size
The first thing that you will need to do is to increase the size of the file system. Portable Ubuntu comes with a 2GB file system, and that is not enough to even upgrade to 8.10.

1. Make sure you do not have Portable Ubuntu open

2. On your Windows machine, open a windows console.

3. Navigate to the Portable Ubuntu folder you downloaded and then go to images folder.

Example: c:\portable_ubuntu\images

4. Create a new image file by typing the following:

fsutil file createnew more_space.img /size in bytes/

For example, if you want to add 4Gb more (giving you 6Gb total):

fsutil file createnew more_space.img 4294967296

5. Join this file with the root filesystem image by typing the following:

copy /b rootfs.img+more_space.img rootfs_.img

6. Next, you need rename rootfs_.img to rootfs.img

7. Now run Portable Ubuntu by running the run_portable_ubuntu.bat

8. When Portable Ubuntu is ready, type in a terminal:

sudo su *default pwd is 123456

resize2fs -f /dev/cobd0



  • 1 GB = 1073741824
  • 2 GB = 2147483648
  • 4 GB = 4294967296
  • 8 GB = 8589934592
  • x GB = x*1024^3


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