Table Of Content for tag "Linux - kernel"

Linux Kernel(1)- Linux Module簡介
Linux Modules(1.1)module parameters

Linux Kernel(2)- register char device

Linux Kernel(3)- procfs
Linux Kernel(3.1)- procfs之vector方式寫入
Linux Kernel(3.2)- procfs之symlink與mkdir

Linux Kernel(4)- seq_file
Linux Kernel(4.1)- seq_file之範例(fp/proc/devices.c)
Linux Kernel(4.2)- seq_file之single page

Linux Kernel(5)- ioctl

Linux Kernel(6)- miscdev

Linux Kernel(7)- timing
Linux Kernel(7.1)- timer
Linux Modules(7.2)- tasklet
Linux Modules(7.3)- work queue

Linux Kernel(8)- Notification
Linux Kernel(8.1)- Notifier機制剖析

Linux Kernel(9)- Kthread

Linux Kernel(10.1)- drivers/mtd/devices/mtdram.c
Linux Kernel(10.2)- mtd partitions
Linux Kernel(10.3)- Command line partition table parsing

Linux Kernel(11)- sysfs and device node
Linux Kernel(11.1)- sysfs and hotplug

Linux Kernel(12)- netfilter
Linux Kernel(12.1)- netfilter機制之初探

Linux Kernel(13)- syscall

Linux Kernel(14)- Kernel Synchronization
Linux Modules(14.1)- Read Copy Update

Linux Kernel(15)- Platform Devices
Linux Kernel(15.1)- platform_driver_register()之如何调用driver.probe()
Linux Kernel(15.2)- platform_device_register()之如何调用driver.probe()

Linux Kernel(16.1)- Network Device Driver, simple snull


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